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 Creating a website for the first time or even redesigning a current website is a project that requires thought and consideration.   At Aspire, we are dedicated to helping businesses with this process as well as bringing together a website design that best represents their business online.
  Here are some questions we are often asked about the design process, content requirements, and other details involved in website design and hosting:

What do I need to prepare for a website?

You might not think it at first, but websites take a lot of planning, and not just the appearance!
Not only should your website represent your business, but it should continue to work for you in a way that benefits your business.
When considering what you want your website to be like, ask yourself a few questions:
   What should my website do?
Does your business need a simple website design that displays your location, hours of operation, and what services your business performs, or should it be user interactive, allow for product sales online and more?
Is your website a way to grant your business extra exposure on the web?
Will your website be a way to generate income online?
   What information do I need to highlight?
What is a really important part of your business and how would you like to express this to potential clients who may view your website? The most vital part to a website is the content. An attractive website will do little good for a business if the information contained within it is inadequate.
   What other websites have I seen that I really like?
Sometimes you can get a great idea by looking at what others have done. If you’re ever having trouble writing out your content, visit websites belonging to companies that have services similar to what your business has to offer and read their content to get ideas for yours.
   What market am I trying to reach?
Website content and design should be aimed towards a specific demographic and yet be universal enough to reach any person who may become interested in your services. Take some time to carefully design a marketing plan for your website so you can be confident that its viewers will be getting the message you want them to have.

How long does it take to create a website?

   A number of different elements go into building a website. First and foremost, the most vital part of a website is its content. Once that is prepared, we will work with you to create a design for your website. Depending on the features available on a website, graphics and content creation, and any extra work that may be required, website creation time can take anything from a couple of days to a few weeks. This is why it is important to come up with a good design plan for your website. That way, you may avoid any unnecessary delays.

It is our number one goal to create a website that you are happy with in a timeframe that fits your needs, so if you need any help, we’re here to lend a hand!

Do you own the websites you create?

   We are often asked this question by clients who have previously worked with web developers and are concerned that their business representation online will not belong to them once it is built.

Aspire does not assume ownership of your website after we have created. We respect all of our customers and their businesses. We work on your behalf and what we produce for you, you own!
   Have any other questions?
At Aspire, we have extensive experience in helping clients plan a website design that will best suit their needs. We provide consultation services that are part of our web design plans so you have the support you need throughout the creation process.
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