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Government Procurement

Government Procurement

Get it right the first time. Right price / on-time delivery
Aspire Technology Solutions will carefully match your requirements to the correct part numbers and then make sure we give you the lowest prices possible for those items and deliver them in a timely manner. We have many years of combined experience in producing accurate quotes and follow-through.
Direct access to almost one million technology products online
Aspire Technology Solutions’ database is continuously updated and refreshed to provide the very latest in current pricing and warehouse availability. This means that we always know where the best deals are for our government customers and where the closest shipping points are for immediate delivery.
Being small – we are able to provide a higher level of personal attention to buyers
Aspire Technology Solutions is a small-business that “gets it”. Or government customers can count on us to respond promptly to requests for pricing and product information. Since we work hard for our business, we are willing to go the extra mile to provided true value in our interactions with government buyers. Big companies do not always provide the close personal support that we offer and that is our advantage.
Integrated into a vast supply chain to ensure availability of needed products
Aspire Technology Solutions has integrated its electronic catalog into the product and pricing feeds of the largest IT distribution companies in the business. This dynamic and all-inclusive database allows us to have real-time access to everything that our government customers want. This enhances our ability to respond quickly to quotes and to place orders for rapid delivery.
We can create custom quotes and recommendations upon demand
Aspire Technology Solutions’ electronic commerce system allows us to create accurate and custom quotes for any government agency and automatically email the quote to the buyer. That creates a mechanism that allows electronic quotes to be immediately converted to orders in our system when a purchase order is issued. When an end-user, or a buyer needs help with configuring a technology solution, we can rely on our quote system to provide a proper answer with part numbers, pricing, and availability. Our experience will add tremendous value for customers looking for a good solution to their needs.
We provide a dedicated website for our government customers to place online orders
Aspire Technology Solutions provides discreet, password protected, access into our electronic commerce portal so that government buyers can look up current pricing, get detailed product information, and place orders online. This tremendously speeds up the interaction time for buyers that know what they want. Our specialized pricing model reflects the kinds of discounts that government agencies seek.
We are partners with the biggest names in technology
Aspire Technology Solutions can provide the “look and feel” of what the entire IT industry offers. Our alignment with most of the largest technology manufacturers allows us to be competitive with pricing, support, and the latest product information. We can deliver products from such companies as Lenovo, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, Dell, IBM, Acer, Lexmark, APC, Canon, Epson, Ricoh, Fujitsu, Samsung, Brother, Okidata, ASUS, and many others.
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