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   Having the responsibility of organizing the IT department at a diverse and Fergusen Electricgrowing company like Ferguson Electric Construction, I need my product suppliers to be fast, reliable and knowledgeable. Aspire Technology Solutions fits all of these requirements and much more. That is why they are our primary IT product supplier.

   No matter what my requirements have been, they’ve been able to assist me in developing solutions and offering the products to make those solutions work. Whether it’s been custom designed systems and servers, networks, security, disaster recovery or printing, I know I can turn to Aspire.

   Their personalized services make them easy to work with; their product selections and quick delivery times make it easy for me to roll out new projects. They truly understand the budget concerns facing businesses in today’s economic climate and their pricing helps me keep projects affordable so we can do more for less. And it is a time saver for me knowing that one phone call can answer questions, solve problems and get the products I need.

   Partnering with Aspire Technology Solutions has helped Ferguson Electric keep up with the times, improve our infrastructure and most importantly, it has helped us bring our services to our clients more efficiently than ever before.

  Kevin Nugent, MCSE
  Designer, MIS Director
  Ferguson Electric Construction Co.
  Buffalo, New York





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