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Data Backup, Storage and recovery
Data Backup, Storage and Recovery

Protecting the essentials.

Losing vital documents is more than just a pain in the neck. Struggling to recover your information can become a costly endeavor and there is no guarantee that lost or damaged files can be recovered.
For small businesses, it is very important that you have an archiving and backup strategy that is customized to your specific needs. An appropriate strategy is determined by several factors, including the type and quantity of data generated, the time available for backup processes to run, how long the data must be kept and how often a backup needs to occur.
Aspire makes it easy and affordable.
From virus attacks to hardware failure, losing everything can happen quickly and without warning. Creating a solid backup and recovery plan is easier and more affordable that you might think. With the number of options available, paired with our experience, you can rest assured that Aspire Technology Solutions will work with you to tailor a backup plan that is designed specifically to meet the needs of your business.

Two main considerations involved in establishing an efficient backup strategy are Data Backup (as in determining what, how much and how often data should be backed up) and Data Archiving (as it sounds this is a strategy for long term data storage).

Backup and archival options.

One of the great things about creating a backup and storage plan is how many options are available to be implemented and even combined with each other. Take a look at some of our backup, storage and recovery options.

Flash Drives
These easy to use memory devices are perfect for on the go backup and transfer of files. Affordable, quick, easy to use and compatible, an essential for every day office use.

Network Storage
Connect your entire office to a centralized and secure storage device! Network storage helps you use the speed of your network to create a fast and flexible storage, backup and recovery solution.

Removable Media
When professionally implemented and protected, removable media is an inexpensive and easy to use solution to your backup and storage needs.

Tape Backup
High capacity combines with reliability to bring this solution that works in conjunction with a network device or a server directly to secure and store important data.

These are just a few options available for data backup, storage, and restoration solutions.
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