Mac Users, Beware.

As we mentioned in our article from April 15, 2010 titled, iPad: Anything But Leak Free (link), there are security issues concerning Apple products that users should be aware of and concerned about.

Mac Users, Beware

Apple products have long touted that they are more secure. Times are changing...

It this report from (link), the explore some of the recent security threats to Mac users, Safari users (the default web browser on Apple Mac O/S), what users should be aware of and how to remove the latest threat.

As in Windows platforms, many of these malware infections have the primary purpose of scaring users into handing over credit card information as well as tricking them in to potentially exposing other personal information.

We feel it is necessary to once again remind all users that if an application you don’t recognize shows up on your computer, take action immediately. Do not ever enter credit card information into an application or website unless you have initiated the transaction with a trusted vendor online.

This is only the beginning for Mac users. The long held belief is that Apple products are safer, more secure and don’t get viruses. However, a lot of that is due in part to their past lack of market saturation. Apple has started to cut into Microsoft’s heavy penetration into the desktop O/S market, and with that as their popularity in this market segment increases so will the number of threats specifically targeting Apple’s products.