Do I really need a website?

One question many business owners ask themselves is: Should I have a website? Web Design

Often when I or one of my colleagues brings up having a website in a group discussion, a surprisingly large amount of people proudly claim that their business does not have a website, has never had a website, and has never needed a website.

In fact, I often hear from small to medium business owners, “I don’t have time for the internet, I never use it. A website is useless to me.”

You may prefer the phonebook over Google search, but you may be surprised by how many potential clients are out surfing the web, searching for services and products that you may be able to offer.

Did you know?

80% Of Americans spend as much time online as they do watching television.

Here are some even more interesting statistics:

Half of all small businesses with 10 or fewer employees do not have websites.

7 out of 10 single person owned businesses do not have websites.

The next question many business owners ask is:  What can a website do for me?

As more and more people take to the internet, searching for anything from restaurant menus to IT consulting businesses, a website is an essential online landmark for your company. In fact, having a website is as essential today as having business cards or a telephone number.

It doesn’t take much.A professional web presence for your business doesn’t have to cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars, nor does it need to be flashy and full of bright and colorful images. You may be surprised at how affordable, fast, and easy designing a website that tailors to your business’ needs really is.